Unite to Thrive - How the Pandemic Affects Safer Buildings Coalition Members' Supply Chains

Supply Chain graphic

Most reported that activity and shipments had either not changed or had increased somewhat - but expect change

Prior to the Safer Buildings Coalition's March 31st Unite to Thrive Town Hall, we asked you to submit your most pressing questions at this difficult, uncertain time. One question that caught our attention was: Is the pandemic affecting availability of materials for projects? This question addresses crucial supply-chain issues that affect the industry as a whole. So we decided to go back to our member base and pose this question directly those who are affected the most. 

ALERT: We have received reports that Supply Chain Volume is shifting day by day, with a trend moving downward, and belt-tightening and shipping problems contributing to the decline - WE WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED. 

As of March 31, most SBC supply chain members reported that activity and shipments had either not changed or had increased somewhat. We also received some very interesting statements from many of you, including:

  • Shipments up a little for now.

  • Activity and shipments have decreased somewhat but if the virus persists past May 1st - could see it becoming a 1 [i.e., Activity and shipments have decreased significantly]. 

  • Availability is generally good as we have not (yet) experienced any interruption in the supply chain. We are open for business as distribution is designated as critical infrastructure providers.

Some reported interruptions in shipping and logistics.

See the slides below for detailed information and answers to this question.



Download Supply Chain Slides HERE