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Safer Buildings Coalition has many Membership Tiers tailored to the unique needs of each member category.

[All applications will be reviewed to confirm correct Category]

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A. Industry Tiers: [Manufacturers, Distributors, Operators of Dealer Networks, Wireless Carriers, Third Party/Neutral Host Operators, Software, Test Equipment, General Contractors, and other businesses that do not self-identify as System Integrators Tier B]

  • Wireless Carrier - $ICB, Per scope, starting at $25k
  • Corporate - > 25 Employees - $12,000 per year   
  • Medium Business – 11 to 25 Employees - $6,000 per year
  • Small Business – 1 to 10 Employees - $2,500 per year

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[All applications will be reviewed to confirm correct Category]

B. Special Industry Tier: System Integrator

This Tier is for those involved exclusively in the design and or installation of in-building wireless systems. This category is not applicable for companies who are listed in "Industry Tiers" Category above. Manufacturers who also do Installation / System Integration should apply under Industry Tiers above.

  • System Integrator - Corporate >25 Employees - $8,000 per year
  • System Integrator - Medium 11-25 Employees - $6,000 per year
  • System Integrator - Small 1-10 Employees - $2,500 per year

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[All applications will be reviewed to confirm correct Category]

C. Paid Individual Tiers:

1. Individual Professional Tier [Licensed Professional Engineers, Architects]


  • Licensed Professional Engineers, Architects
  • MUST have an ACTIVE Professional License


  • $195 per year

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2. Individual Consultant Tier [Solo Consultants: Not an Employee, has no Employees]


  • Sole, self-employed consultant
  • May not have partners or employees
  • May not be the employee of a company
  • Knowledgeable in one or more of the following: in-building wireless, public safety communications, fire and life safety technology, or related topics acceptable to SBC
  • Must join and actively participate in at least one Safer Buildings Coalition Work Group


  • $295 Annual 


  • Non-voting membership
  • Listing in SBC Online Consultant directory (under development)
  • Access to all member content
  • Workgroup Participation
  • Free attendance at all SBC seminars and webinars

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[All applications will be reviewed to confirm correct Category]

D. Gratis Tiers:

   NOTE: Industry vendors who supply goods or services are not eligible for the Gratis Tiers - these Tiers are meant are for:
   - Government and Public Safety Agencies, or individuals who work for these agencies as their primary function
   - Trade Associations who are partners to SBC
   - End-Users who have or seek to have systems installed in their properties


  • Public Safety Agency or Individual: AHJ / Government / First Responder – FREE (MUST be governmental agency worker) - FREE
  • Knowledge Partner*: BY INVITATION ONLY contact [email protected] for information 
  • Enterprise / End Users - (ONLY FOR End Users, such as  Higher Ed., Corporate Real Estate, Healthcare Institutions, Hospitality - NO INDUSTRY VENDORS) - Currently FREE

Apply for SBC GRATIS Membership HERE
[All applications will be reviewed to confirm correct Category]

Please fill out the online application form on this page to be considered for membership.
If you have any questions please send them to:  [email protected]

* “Knowledge Partner” is a marketing term for convenience.  The parties described as Knowledge Partners are not partners or joint ventures with each other and nothing shall be construed to make them partners or joint ventures or impose any liability as such on either of them. Knowledge Partners are typically non-profit associations,  media organizations,  and event organizations.