Govt Affairs 


Chair: Jim Loftus, Product Manager, Siemens
Vice Chair: Richard Roberts, Industry Affairs, Honeywell
Sponsor: Alan Perdue, SBC
Co-Sponsor: John Foley, SBC 


  • Must be an employee of a current, active SBC Member Organization. Paid and Gratis Member Organizations eligible.
  • Members desiring to participate in any SBC Work Group may submit request for approval to [email protected]   


"Government affairs" issues encompass areas of legislation and rulemaking by federal, state, and local government that have direct impact on the Mission and Stakeholders of the Safer Buildings Coalition.

Government affairs issues are complex, and understanding, analyzing, and reacting appropriately to them requires a special expertise. They often demand a quick response, as, for example, when Safer Buildings Coalition is asked to join in litigation or respond to draft legislation.

The Working Group's purpose is to provide timely expertise and advice to the Safer Buildings Coalition Board of Directors. The Working Group responds to requests for assistance from the SBC Sponsor and Co-Sponsor (acting on behalf of the Board of Directors) tracks government affairs issues of concern (or potential concern) to the Coalition, and drafts for the Board of Directors approval responses or position statements as needed. Although the Working Group's purview is broad, its overarching priority is issues relating to the Safer Buildings Coalition’s mission. This priority takes precedence when there are competing issues demanding attention, and it should be pursued persistently when other issues do not demand immediate attention.

Specifically, the Government Affairs Working Group will:

  • Develop an advocacy agenda for Board of Directors approval.
  • Respond in a timely fashion to requests from the SBC Sponsor or Co-Sponsor (acting on behalf of Board of Directors) for background information and recommendations on matters relating to government affairs.
  • Track legislative and regulatory issues that could be of concern to SBC Stakeholders in order that the Coalition may respond in a knowledgeable manner.
  • Prepare drafts, for the Board of Director's approval, of position papers, statements, and other documents relating to government affairs issues that may benefit Safer Buildings Coalition Mission and Stakeholders.
  • Contribute to the education of Safer Buildings Coalition members and staff in relation to government affairs issues.
  • Bring to the Board of Director's attention areas in which collaboration with other organizations may advance the Society's government affairs interests and, under Board of Directors direction or with its approval, cooperate with such organizations in furthering SAFER BUILDINGS COALITION's interests.

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