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SBC Objectives:

  • Foster a robust, scalable, and competent industry sufficient to rapidly eliminate wireless dead zones inside buildings
  • Combat Wireless Noise and Interference caused by improperly deployed ERCES solutions
  • Develop and promote codes and standards that are technically rational and commercially feasible
  • Educate and advocate for consistent interpretation and enforcement of these codes and standards across all jurisdictions
  • Represent the interests of SBC Members and stakeholders on issues of Federal, State, and Local legislation and regulations pertaining to in-building public safety communications. 
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Facts and Considerations:

  • SBC is a not for profit, headed by Chief Alan Perdue, a retired Fire Chief and the nation’s leading Codes and Standards Expert for in-building public safety communications.
  • We are the only association that works 365 days a year to further the mission and the objectives of eliminating all in-building wireless dead zones affecting First Responders and the Public (LMR and Cellular)
  • If your organization were to hire a consultant to focus on these objectives, or assign staff – How many hours would that take, and at what cost?
  • Tiered Pricing based on Company Type and Size
  • Annual or Quarterly Payment Options
  • Significant Dues Credits available for referrals

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Safer Buildings Coalition - The Value of the Coalition 2021

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