Members Only Benefit: Request a Safer Buildings Coalition Executive Briefing

An Executive Briefing is a highly customized and member-centric dialogue between member organizations and Safer Buildings Coalition leadership. Our executive team has a high degree of business acumen, technical expertise and a deep understanding of the in-building and public safety business and markets. These briefings offer exceptional opportunities for relationship building, contribution to business results and customer insights that might inform your organization's future strategies and solutions. The events take place online. 

This is also an excellent opportunity to gather insights that you can share inside your organization.

The typical Executive Briefing agenda is as follows:

  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Member Narrative:
    • What's going on in your World?
    • What are your Goals this year?
    • What are you trying to accomplish in this Market?
    • How can we help?
    • What Info is Most Needed?
    • What parts of SBC membership work well for you?
    • What could be better?
  • SBC Coalition Update:
    • What's going on with SBC: Recent Past, Present, and Future?
  • Industry Update:
    • Market
    • Codes and Standards
    • Trends
  • Dialogue and Action Steps
  • Adjourn