Safer Buildings Coalition Launches Referral Program

SBC Referral ProgramPosted on April 24, 2019

The Safer Buildings Coalition has enjoyed steady growth in our membership rolls, expanding our stakeholder base to include even more industry sectors, AHJs, Trade Associations and Public Safety professionals.

Thanks to your participation and word-of-mouth support the Safer Buildings Coalition has the best and most focused Community of Practice in the In-Building Wireless Communications sector. We hope to continue this kind of growth, and we’d like to thank each of you for role in adding new partners to our Coalition.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Safer Buildings Coalition’s new Referral Program, which allows members to earn membership discounts when they refer a new member to the Coalition. Here are the details for this exciting program:

  1. When an existing member successfully refers a paid-tier organization for membership, the referring member is entitled to a discount on their organization’s NEXT membership renewal.

  2. Discount is as follows:
    1. Wireless Carrier [not eligible]
    2. Corporate $12k = $2400
    3. Large System Integrator $8k = $1600
    4. Medium $6k = $1200
    5. Small Business = $500
    6. Individual and Non-Paid Tiers (Architect, Professional Engineers, Knowledge Partner, Enterprise, Public Safety) = Not Eligible
  3. Conditions: Referred New Member must apply, be accepted, and pay their new member invoice in full.
    1. Referred new member must validate the referral in writing.
    2. Member Application form has a “Referred By” question that facilitates documenting the referral.

  4. In cases where new member has already been working with SBC staff or Board member, credit for referral will be at the discretion of the SBC Board. In some cases, a pro-rata discount may be awarded.

  5. Only new members are eligible to be considered as a referral. The program does not apply to renewals, or former members who re-join SBC.

  6. The program only applies to new members who join after March 1, 2019. Program cannot be applied in arrears.

  7. Maximum credit in any one year shall not exceed the referring member’s annual membership dues. However, credits exceeding the referring member’s annual membership dues will carry forward to future renewal years.

Please take advantage of this exciting opportunity to refer new members and earn discounts on your membership fees.