Safer Buildings is focused on providing education and advocacy to various stakeholders in an effort to ensure reliable mission-critical communications is available.

Members include companies and individuals who care about ensuring building safety for First Responders and the Public whom they serve.  Members come from all walks of life and have a range of business motivations for participating. They include:  

Public Safety - First responders such as EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement are the ultimate users of the technology that is defined and required in the code.   Also, Authorities Having Jurisdictions (AHJs) such as Inspectors and Fire Marshals have a responsibility to both the public and to their first responders by being able to accurately determine compliance with codes.  As a first responder or AHJ, your knowledge and voice are critical to our shared public safety mission.


Enterprise - Responsible Venue Owners and Real Estate Investment Trusts want safe buildings that comply with code.  The issue of reliable in-building communications for the building owners and managers community is critical to the marketability of a building.  Building owners and managers can enhance operational efficiency of their properties by providing solutions to in-building communication issues while also addressing safety concerns.  As a Safer Buildings member you’ll have the opportunity to sit at the table and collaborate with key influencers and enforcers of the code with which you must comply.


Wireless Industry - Equipment suppliers, manufacturers, carriers, consultants and systems integrators want to be on the leading edge as markets develop and communicate their value to potential customers.  Having early knowledge and training related to this dynamic and emerging public safety wireless industry as well as the ability to contribute to its evolution are distinguishing perks of becoming a Safer Buildings member.


Members of the Public - Citizens benefit from the work of SBC and its stakeholders as they are the ones inside the buildings with which we aim to make safer.  Consumer groups and their input are welcomed as SBC Members.

Membership Benefits

Our members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fire Code and Model Ordinance Development - The Safer Building Coalition will work with its Members and stakeholders to propose revisions to the building codes that relate to Public Safety communications inside buildings.  Members may participate in the drafting of these documents and their socialization in the community. Together we'll propose improvements to the code and remain active throughout all the phases of the code development processes.  SBC will also draft Model Ordinances based on the codes with the expectation that these Ordinances will be adopted in locales prior to the Code’s effective date. Members may also participate in this activity.
  • Training and Education - Safer Building Members receive two complimentary tickets to the "Public Safety In-Building Communications" course so they can stay on the leading edge of this emerging market.
  • Members Only Communication - Members will receive regular updates from SBC on emerging technologies, public policy, industry events and other information critical to Public Safety wireless.  In addition, Members have the ability to discover first-hand from one another Member activities, plans, and strategies, as well as the potential for collaboration and partnership. Introductions and articles featuring Members and their organizations will be created. The value of the relationships you'll form is priceless.
  • Annual Meeting Participation - The Safer Building Coalition will host an annual meeting and Member Conference in the 2nd quarter of each year to provide Members a perspective on what is current in the technology, policy and social areas of Public Safety Communication, who influencers are, where trends are moving, and how Members can contribute to progress and position themselves advantageously. Members pay no fee for the Meeting and Conference including meals and reception.