Codes and Standards Work Group January 2024

Codes and StandardsPosted on January 24, 2024

Chair: Jason Webb, Potter Electric Signal Company
Sponsor: Alan Perdue, SBC

The Codes and Standards work group has begun what promises to be a busy 2024. As the deadline for proposed changes for the next edition of the International Fire Code loomed early in January, a sub-working group prepared a few last-minute proposals. These were submitted as a backup addressing some of the same issues the group working on NFPA 1225 is attempting to address in case that effort is unsuccessful. 

Speaking of NFPA 1225: As we have shared previously, a sub-working group has been busy for the last several months developing a series of proposed mid-cycle changes called Tentative Interim Amendments of TIAs. The intent of these TIAs is to address concerns in the current edition of the standard that need attention before the next cycle wraps up in 2026. Although the of development of these TIA’s has gone smoothly, the process has hit a bit of a snag with the committee chairman changing jobs and the NFPA staff person assigned to the committee being reassigned to another. This may delay the changes for a time.

Several other sub-working groups remain busy with a long list of topics from UL 2524 changes to state-level code development and beyond. As always, if anyone wishes to be a part of this team, feel free to reach out!

As always, if you have an interest in being part of the Codes and Standards Work Group, please reach out!