Government Affairs Workgroup Update - November 2023


Posted on November 20, 2023

he Government Affairs Work Group has been monitoring the Florida Legislative Days, for and bills being introduced that might affect the ERCES Ecosystem. This is in anticipation of the 2024 Legislative session beginning in January.

We have seen several states adopting NFPA 1225 which is key to development in states such as California and Georgia.

Our TG chairs Chris Creamer for Florida and Richard Roberts for California are full engaged and ready to assist if anyone has a topic that they want the Government Affairs group to tackle.

The Government Affairs group is still looking for a TG Chair for the State of Texas, please contact Jim Loftus, [email protected], if you  are interested in contributing.

Government Affairs is also monitoring and has formed a Work Group regarding the FCC’s NOI on Spectrum Usage, more to come in the future on this topic.