Meet the Newest Safer Buildings Coalition Members - November 2023

Meet the Newest membersPosted on November 19, 2023 

The Safer Buildings Coalition continues to grow, with more than 200 member organizations across several categories. We value each and every member, and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to the most recent additions to our member base.

  • Mann Wireless

Mann Wireless

Mann Wireless, LTD

Mann Wireless, LTD

Mann Wireless consultants, engineers, project managers and professional installers have created seamless wireless solutions through tens of millions of square feet of indoor space across:

  • College campuses and hospitals
  • Government complexes
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Residential towers

Our ability to solve complex problems has been the root of our success since our founding. Our design, integration and support services have led the in-building signal enhancement industry since the early days of wireless and mobile.


Please join us in welcoming our new members by dropping them a line or leaving a comment on their social media pages. 

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