Government Affairs Workgroup Update


Posted on July 27, 2023

We are still looking for interested volunteers for the workgroup and actively looking for leads for Sub-Work groups for California and Texas- and the GA activities going on in those key states. Contact [email protected] if interested or need additional info.

Some State activity of interest:

Florida- HB 1575 was signed by the governor. Bill further modifies Chapter 633.202,F.S., to match Buildings need to comply with requirements noted in Fla Building code related to square feet minimum and underground thresholds. It also included change to 18 months for a TCO for sole purpose of complying with 633.202,F.S. [SEE RELATED ARTICLE HERE]

Florida also moving to NFPA 1 2021 edition. 

New Jersey-  Update to Fire Code from 2015 to 2018 in works. We believe it would be better for New Jersey to move to 2021 edition to match the version of IBC that the state has already adopted. We are asking members to send a letter or email to Geraldine Callahan – Department of Community Affairs, PO Box 800 Trenton, NJ 08625  Fax 609-984-6696 or email- [email protected].  It is better to receive individual, non- form letters. 

Washington- IFC 2021 adoption effective July 1st. section 510.2 is intact- requiring coverage in EXISTING buildings.

Georgia- Adopted NFPA 1225- 2022 Edition.