Member Advocacy Work Group

Chair: Mikel Schultz
Vice Chair: Aaron Friedman

Sponsor: John Foley, SBC


  • Must be an employee of a current, active SBC Member Organization or Individual Membership. Paid and Gratis Members eligible.
  • Members desiring to participate in any SBC Work Group may submit request for approval to [email protected]   


Create Incremental Value in the SBC Membership, be advocates for the members and ambassadors of SBC. 


We believe that it is imperative that all public safety stakeholders have the tools, training, knowledge and abilities necessary to insure robust wireless coverage for everyone in their ecosystem. Furthermore, we have an undeniable responsibility to educate and bring value to these stakeholders. 

The Member Advocacy Work Group will be charged with identifying, attracting, engaging and retaining membership.  We believe that creating significant member value via a specific journey mapping process will attract new, and more diverse, membership to the SBC.  It will also insure a positive return on investment for our existing members. 

The methodology is:

  1. Define what is of value to the membership ->
  2. Create that value ->
  3. Measure our effectiveness - > (Repeat)


  • Focus on expanding the vertical market outreach for relevant organizations and companies that provide incremental value to the SBC overall community.
  • Follow the SBC Journey Mapping Guide as a baseline reference tool
    • Get Started
    • Get Engaged
    • Get Connected
    • Get Ahead
    • Develop outreach campaigns for associated specific targeted verticals and organizations

 Objectives: Performance Standards

  1. Define and create cross member, vertical, organizational pillars.
    1. Create specific value propositions for each vertical
      1. Answer the question:  What’s in it for them?
    2. Define the metrics that creates the value add to each member of each vertical
  2. Create actionable plan executed by Vertical
    1. Develop specific content from the perspective of each Vertical (ie: OEM vs. VAR)
    2. Assign 2 team members for each vertical market
    3. Develop a SBC value proposition for each that clearly answers.
      1. Why should the prospective member care?
      2. Does this increase the value for the overall membership
  3. Measure SBC effectiveness in serving the existing member base
    1. Develop and maintain a process to communicate to the Board regularly
    2. Develop and maintain a process to engage and understand the pulse of the member base 
      1. Create short membership surveys to maintain the pulse of the membership at large
      2. New Member Program

Interested in Joining the SBC Member Advocacy Work Group?  Have  Question? Contact Group Leaders!