“A Truly Remarkable Gathering of Experts and Professionals” - 2023 Wireless Tech & Policy Summit Recap

Chief Alan Perdue

Posted on June 16, 2023

The 2023 Wireless Tech & Summit was an eventful, educational, somewhat exhausting -- and ultimately successful whole-day affair. 

In the words of Prince Niyyar, CEO, Commdex & Safer Buildings Coalition Board President:

“The summit was truly a remarkable gathering of experts and professionals from the wireless industry and Government, and I found it to be a highly enriching experience. It was a valuable platform for knowledge-sharing and networking, allowing me to connect with professionals who share a passion for the same issues. The event was well-organized, and the coordination and support provided by the organizing team was exceptional.”

It was a busy day indeed. Sponsors, exhibitors and SBC staff were up late the night before and up early on the big day, adding the final touches before the 200-plus attendees started arriving. 

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr was on hand to deliver a morning fireside chat with SBC Managing Director John Foley.  This was recorded and shown later the same day and made advailable for viewing on demand. 


Missed our interview with Commissioner Carr? Watch it here

Carr made the rounds following his interview.

Next up: Our other top billing event: Seth Buechley, SBC founder and CEO of Cathedral Consulting, sat down with Jim Bugel, President, FirstNet and Public Safety, AT&T for an on-stage Fireside Chat. 

Following a short break, we went into the educational part of the program. Six panels, featuring experts, policy makers, first responders and commentators, delved into the topics that matter most to everyone in our field. 

SBC President and Commdex CEO Prince Niyyar moderated the first session: Broadband Infrastructure Funding. 

On the panel: David Bronston, Partner, Phillips Lytle; Ruynard Singleton, Executive Director, US Border Patrol; Jonathan Adelstein, Managing Director and Head of Global Policy, DigitalBridge & James Brunson, VP, Advanced Solutions, 5G Innovation, & Public Sector, Nokia.

"It was an honor to share the stage with senior executives from the Government and industry to discuss the need for wireless technologies and the barriers to their implementation. The exchange of ideas and perspectives from BEAD program to rural broadband to NG911 during the discussion was truly thought-provoking, and I believe it contributed to a deeper understanding of the audience on this subject matter."

Prince Niyyar 
Chief Executive Officer, Commdex
Board President, Safer Buildings Coalition

For our next panel, Tim Bransford, Partner, Morgan Lewis; Charles F. Dowd, Assistant NYPD Chief (Ret); Vice President and Treasurer, NYPD & PSBTA & Louis Peraertz, Vice President of Policy, Wireless Internet Service Provider's Association (WISPA) joined moderator Alan Tilles, Attorney, Alan Tilles Law, for a particularly spirited discussion about How will we use 4.9GHz and 6GHz?

The final morning session focused on User Equipment Evolution. Donny Jackson, Editor, IWCE’s Urgent Communications, was joined by Steve Devine, Director FirstNet Strategy and Policy, FirstNet built with AT&T; Bob Escalle, Samsung & John W. Kuzin, Vice President, Spectrum Policy & Regulatory Counsel, Qualcomm Inc.

“It was great to share our perspective on how sidelink communications in the 4.9 GHz will greatly improve connectivity inside of buildings among first responders and with members of the public seeking assistance.” 

John W. Kuzin
Vice President, Spectrum Policy & Regulatory Counsel
Qualcomm Inc.

On the other side of a delicious networking lunch, we kicked the afternoon proceedings off with SBC Executive Director, Chief Alan Perdue's timely panel on School Safety and Wireless Communications. Joining the chief: Pat Tillman, County Commissioner, Guilford County Board of Commissioners; Ross Pierson, Owner, Pierson Wireless; Mike Richey, Former Police Asst Chief, Assistant Superintendent, School Safety and Emergency Management, Guilford County Schools & Seamus Dowdall, Associate Legislative Director, National Association of Counties (NACo).

"School safety continues to be an important topic across the country. That discussion must include wireless communications capabilities for building occupants and emergency responders. The panelists discussed the need for in-building communications within school buildings, educating elected officials, securing funding, legislative updates, preparing for the deployment of ERCES across multiple campuses, and other related topics. A case study was discussed taking place in Guilford County, NC where the school system operates 126 campuses and is deploying ERCES in approximately 75 different campuses to address the need for in-building emergency responder communications where testing identified a significant need."

Chief Alan Perdue
Executive Director
Safer Buildings Coalition

"School safety continues to be an important topic and one we take seriously at Pierson Wireless. The opportunity to come together in our Nation's capital and discuss the need, justification and funding required to facilitate public safety communications deployments in our schools was appreciated. It was an excellent forum to exchange ideas and best practices that will lead to a greater level of adoption of the technologies discussed by school systems everywhere."  

Ross Pierson
Pierson Wireless

SBC's Managing Director John Foley moderated our next discussion: Noise and Interference in PS and Cellular Comms: Are networks at risk? Mathew Theisz, RF Engineering, DC Office of Unified Communication; David Adams, PCTEL; Brendan Delaney & Michiel Lotter, CEO, Nextivity, joined Foley on stage.

Last item on the agenda: In-Building Wireless Coverage Imperative, featuring Chief Alan Perdue, Executive Director, SBC; Michelle Geddes, Chief Information Officer, City and County of San Francisco; Chief Michael Baltrotsky, Assistant Chief - Technology Manager; Battalion Chief - Technical Operations, Montgomery County MD Fire & Rescue; Doug McElroy, Senior RAN Engineer, AT&T & Rich Berliner, CEO, Digital Locations Inc.

"Property owners’ involvement in the in-building wireless discussion is critical. The panel discussed the current real estate climate, regulatory mandates, master infrastructure planning, workforce competency and adding cellular to the public safety in-building mix. Each of these topics highlighted why it is vital to ensure the building owner is educated on all aspects of the in-building wireless coverage imperative. Intentional educational efforts that include but are not limited to understanding the benefits, infrastructure planning, and funding will help improve the deployment efforts of in-building solution."

Chief Alan Perdue
Executive Director
Safer Buildings Coalition

With a long, but enriching day in baggage, everyone kicked back with drinks, snacks and friendly chatter for a closing networking reception. 

As the clock struck six, everyone left the building. From all of us at the Coalition: Thank you to sponsors, exhibitors, panelists, keynote speakers and attendees. 

Till next time...

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