Webinar Replay: Safer Buildings Coalition Tech Talk: RF Monitoring & Public Safety

SBC Webinar

Safer Buildings Coalition Member Anritsu does a fast, but deep, dive into the topic of RF Monitoring and Public Safety.

Increasing in-building Radio Frequency (RF) coverage has a positive impact on first responders. While several methods exist to accomplish this, the use of Bidirectional Amplifiers (BDAs) appears to be a more common solution. Using BDAs requires placing antennas at key/strategic locations within the building. There are processes in place to correctly design, install and test these solutions; however, mistakes can occur.

In this webinar, we explore a tool that allows public safety authorities to monitor the macro RF environment, identify changes, and better respond to negative impacts on their communication system.



Download the Application Brief:
Validating In-Building Wireless Coverage of Public Safety, LTE, and Wi-Fi® Networks