SBC 2023 Seminars and Events: Seeking Member and Sponsor Input

Posted on October 26, 2022

Dear SBC Members and Prospective Sponsors,

As we begin to plan for 2023, we seek your input on the seminar and event series, such as:

  • What cities are of interest to your organization?
  • How many events can you commit to sponsoring in 2023?
  • Proposed SBC Technology and Policy Summit – Date and Sponsorship Interest?
  • Your feedback and suggestions based on 2022’s series

(If you are the primary contact and did not receive the email, please reach out to us at [email protected]).

Here are some stats through October 21, 2022:

Seminar Planning table 


  • 31% of attendees are public safety (Code Officials, Frequency License Holders, Chiefs)
  • SBC members enjoy free attendance at our seminars, and alongside our sponsors made up 44% of attendees. Many are partners and customers of each other.
  • 21% of attendees are industry participants who are not (yet) SBC members, but who also represent sponsor customers,  partners, and prospects
  • By year end, we will have hosted over 1,500 attendees at our 5+ hour seminars
  • We did our first international seminar in Toronto, Canada  
  • Florida led the way with 3 events and 268 attendees
  • Nevada was second with 2 events and 119 attendees
  • California was third, with 2 events and 89 attendees
  • New / emerging SBC markets:
    • Reno
    • Boise
    • Memphis
    • Oklahoma City
    • Salt Lake City
    • Cleveland

COVID impact lessened in 2022

  • While 2020 saw the majority of our seminars postponed, we were able to fulfill every delayed event over the course of 2021 and 2022.
  • Almost all local areas eased or removed COVID restrictions. Attendance was robust at our seminars, and we saw a clear uptick in national and international industry event attendance.

SBC is exploring a national event for 2022:

In 2018, SBC hosted a Commercial Real Estate Summit at the Capitol Technology University in Laurel, MD. The Stats:

  • 200 Attendees
  • 12 Exhibitors
  • Livestream TV Feed
  • Speakers from: FCC, Cisco, CTIA, FirstNet, AT&T, Urgent Comms, Montgomery County, MD, DC OUC, Fairfax, VA, SBC Members, and others

Seminar Planning Collage

For 2023, SBC is exploring hosting a national event entitled SBC In-Building Technology and Policy Summit, to be staged in the Washington DC metro area.

We would take advantage of DC’s proximity to policy makers and analysts to create a compelling program that would draw a national audience.

Our survey will ask your thoughts on this.

Tentative dates under consideration:

  • 5/24/2023            Wed (Day after CSFI Dinner in DC)
  • 5/25/2023            Thu
  • 5/31/2023            Wed [Memorial day is 5/29]
  • 6/1/2023              Thu

Reminder: The Benefits of SBC Sponsorship

SBC Sponsorship can help your organization achieve your business goals while advancing the important SBC Mission of eliminating in-building wireless dead zones, or as we like to say it, to “do well while doing good”.

Here are some testimonials from some of our frequent SBC Sponsors:

Let me just say that FirstNet built with AT&T has found Safer Buildings Coalition 2022 seminars to be immensely valuable in helping advocate and advance FirstNet in-building coverage in support of first responders.  I personally have learned something at each seminar and I look forward to the 2023 Seminar lineup.  Exciting times ahead!!

Stephen Devine  Director
FirstNet Strategy and Policy

SBC Code Training Sponsorships are a great way to further the SBC Mission, position your company as a committed leader in the public safety space, as well as enhancing your own knowledge and competency on the subject material.  You get from your membership what you put into it!

Charlie Schulz – Director, Public Safety and DAS
Alliance Corporation

Westell Technologies finds great benefit from being a Safer Buildings Coalition Member.  It allows our firm to partner with SBC on seminars to stay in front of our Integration & Distribution partners as well as meet with Authorities Having Jurisdiction throughout the United States.  These sessions are a tremendous value as Code interpretation, Project design parameters and the stakeholders vary from city to city.  Don’t delay, join SBC and get planning your seminars for 2023 as soon as possible.

 Kevin Kurz – Director of Distribution Sales / Westell Technologies

Sponsoring a seminar with SBC is interactive informative and great way to meet and greet AHJ’s from your local jurisdictions. It also increases Your understanding of National fire codes and their interpretation.

Jeyler Zabala  Tessco

(If you are the primary contact and did not receive the email, please reach out to us at [email protected]).

General questions and comments may be submitted using the Contact Form here:


  1. ROUND 1
    1. Round 1 provides the opportunity to tell us:
      1. What Cities you are interested in hosting seminars
      2. How many events you wish to sponsor, and of what type
      3. Your opinion about when to hold an SBC national event called In-Building Technology and Policy Summit    
  2. Decide on your Seminar Sponsorship Commitment Levels:
    1. How many total SPEAKING commitments are you willing to make?
      (1 - 5 Seminars)
    2. How many total TABLE TOP commitments are you willing to make?
      (1 - 5 Seminars)
  3. Submit your Speaker and Table Top Desired Cities List, cities listed in order of your preference.
  4. Submittal Opening Date: Tuesday, November 1st at 12p ET / 9:00a PT
  5. Submittal Closing Date: Tuesday November 15h at 12p ET / 9a PT
  6. List of submitters and their city choices will be assembled and arranged by submitted date/time into a "draft pick" order, in a list called the Sponsor Roster.
  7. Sponsor Roster will be utilized to complete the Seminar Schedule as follows:
    1. "Schoolyard Pick" process:
      1. First submitted form gets their First Preference City
      2. Second submitted form gets their First Preference City, as long as it was not taken by previous picker. If first preference city is taken, then next city preference is selected, etc.
      3. Once round one is complete, we go back to the top of the list and begin round two.
      4. All subsequent picks follow the same format until all sponsor/city draft selections are complete
  8. Seminar List with Confirmed Sponsors will be posted by close of business Thursday, November 17th. 
  9. Lock-In Date - Thursday, December 1st. Sponsors must commit to their city picks by the Lock In Date.
  10. Upon locking in, Sponsors will be invoiced and SBC will begin planning the 2023 Seminar venues, marketing and travel. 
  11. After the Lock-In date, SBC may accept additional requests from members to hold seminars in additional cities.


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