SBC Takes On NFPA 1225 Improvement
Codes and Standards Work Group launches 1225 TIA subcommittee, and more...

Codes and StandardsPosted on October 6, 2022

Chair: Josh Gerst, RF Connect
Vice Chair: Joe Kurdas, Graybar
Sponsor: Alan Purdue, SBC

During the past month, the Safer Buildings Coalition Codes & Standards Work Group continued to provide input on code issues as well as move forward other projects. Here are the highlights:

  • New Subcommittee:  A new subcommittee was stood up for NFPA 1225 TIA response. It’s chaired by Richard Roberts, and working on potential topics and draft language for TIA to the NFPA for 1225.  The subcommittee is currently working on a submission to the larger work group for approval on 10/7.
  • 2025 Canada Building Code:  The work group initiated discussion on the 2025 Canada building code.
  • NFPA 170:  Reviewed the final edition of the NFPA 170 update from the tech committee with the addition of ERCES symbols.  The work group received an update from Jim Loftus.
  • Florida:  State of Florida fire marshal is looking to adopt 2022 version of NFPA 1225.  The work group will work to provide assistance.
  • Virginia:  Received an update on key dates for state of Virginia new code adoption.

Thank you to all who continue to participate in the work group. We appreciate your contributions!