Evaluating the Impact of Florida SB-1190
Government Affairs Work Group forms Florida SB-1190 subcommittee, elects new Chair, and more...

Government AffairsPosted on October 6, 2022

Chair: Jim Loftus, Siemens
Vice Chair: Richard Roberts, Honeywell
Sponsor: Alan Perdue, SBC

The Safer Buildings Coalition Government Affairs Work Group met on September 16 to discuss several important topics. A couple key highlights:

  • New Chair:  Jim Loftus, Product Manager Siemens/ Director on Board of AFAA National, is now serving as the Chair of the Government Affairs Work Group. Former Chair, Richard Roberts, has transitioned to Vice Chair.
  • New Member:  The team welcomed Kevin Thornton from Airtower into the Government Affairs Work Group.
  • Florida SB-1190:  After this was signed into law, a subcommittee was formed to evaluate the impact of the bill and determine the next steps. Members of the subcomittee are John Foley, Josh Gerst (Chair of the SBC C&S working group), Jason Webb, Jon Pasqualone, and Richard Roberts. SB-1190 dates Florida Statute § 633.202 (18) that requires adequate public safety communications coverage inside new and existing buildings. 
  • Michigan HB-5561:  Filed in November of 2021, this bill seeks to require an ERCES to be installed in all new and existing K-12 schools has failed to move in the legislature. As currently written, there are several technical concerns with the bill. SBC leadership discussed the technical concerns of the bill with the Michigan State Fire Marshal (SFM) during the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) annual conference. SBC to keep a pulse and follow up.
  • New Jersey:  There is a proposal seeking to add a retroactive requirement for all buildings that do not have approved radio coverage for emergency responders in the building. The Fire Codes Council approved the proposal and it being sent to the Fire Safety Commission. SBC is actively seeking input on how to best provide assistance to this effort. 

Thank you to all who continue to participate in the work group. We appreciate your contributions!