Government Affairs Work Group July 2022 Update

Chief Alan PerduePosted on July 28, 2022

Richard Roberts – Chair
Jason Davila – Vice Chair 
Alan Perdue - Sponsor

The Safer Buildings Coalition Government Work Group met on July 15 to discuss several important topics. A couple key highlights:

  • 2022 Florida Legislative Session: Governor DeSantis signed SB-1190, a bill that updates Florida Statute § 633.202 (18) that requires adequate public safety communications coverage inside new and existing buildings.
  • Federal FirstNet Reauthorization Bill: SBC’s support for H.R. 6768 was requested. The legislation that initially created FirstNet included a 15-year sunset provision. H.R. 6768 will eliminate the sunset provision, thereby ensuring FirstNet can continue its work to enhance the communications technology and infrastructure public safety emergency responders rely on to keep citizens safe. SBC will be supporting.
  • New Jersey: There is a proposal seeking to add a retroactive requirement for all buildings that do not have approved radio coverage for emergency responders in the building. The Fire Codes Council approved the proposal and it being sent to the Fire Safety Commission. 

Thank you to all who continue to participate in the group. We appreciate your contributions!