From “Advancement” to “Member Advocacy” Work Group |
A Change in Name and Mission

Member Advocacy Group

By Aaron Friedman and Jason Jacobs, Co-Chairs of the Member Advocacy Group

Posted on June 30, 2022

To secure its future, an organization must continuously work to build relationships with individuals and groups that can contribute to its success.  Advancement is critical for any organization, but what happens after that initial connection is made?  It's Member Advocacy time!  This phase of the relationship-building process is where organizations need to focus, deepening the connection and engaging our members.  The Member Advocacy Work Group has made a lot of changes over the last few months.  We have elected new leadership, we have changed our focus, changed our mission, and we have even changed our name.

The advancement phase of any membership process is critical; it is when organizations make their first impression and plant the seeds that lead to fruitful membership growth down the road.  But what comes after that initial step?  In speaking as a committee with John Foley, Managing Director of the Safer Buildings Coalition, our Team came to realize that the job of advancement truly lies within the staff at the Safer Buildings Coalition.  This realization led our Team to pivot and identify that the true difference our committee could create is to be your advocate. 

Our committee consists of Industry Consultants, OEM’s, Distributors, Integrators, and End Users.  Recognizing that we represent many of the key audiences of membership, we have recommended that we change our committee’s name from the Advancement Workgroup to the Member Advocacy Work Group.  Our mission is to speak with the members, speak for the members, create incremental value within SBC membership for the members, and to be proactive ambassadors in the industry for the Safer Buildings Coalition. 

As summed up by CEO of Safe-Fi Technologies and SBC member, Laurie Caruso, “Member advocacy is a critical component to making our team and organization successful.  We encourage feedback from our members so we can constantly improve.  We are here to be your voice and to add value together.”

The Member Advocacy Work Group meets monthly, and we actively seek council from new, existing and past members to learn how we can maximize the SBC Member engagement and the overall Member value.  We then provide this feedback to the SBC Executive Team with the hopes of enhancing your overall membership experience.

If you are interested in learning more about the SBC Member Advocacy Work Group or if you are interested in joining our Team, which consists of dynamic individuals and personalities, we would love to have you!

Please contact Mr. Aaron Friedman (973-518-0743 | [email protected]) or Mr. Jason Jacobs (410-913-5969 | [email protected]) with any needs you have.  Thank You!

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