Should Jurisdictions adopt Third Party Testing Rules for ERCES?

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Posted on May 5, 2022

Some ERCES stakeholders have a indicated a concern about companies who perform in-building radio signal strength assessment testing to determine whether or not a building needs an ERCES system, and who then provides a quote to design and install a system if the building fails. It has been suggested that this is a conflict of interest.

We seek your opinion on the various models we've seen around the country:

  1. Jurisdiction maintains a list of "approved" testing vendors.
  2. Jurisdiction designates one "approved" test vendor per jurisdiction.
  3. Jurisdiction may or may not allow the testing vendor to also bid the work. 
  4. Jurisdiction has no restrictions on who tests and who installs.

Please give us your opinion, which we will publish after tabulating the results by taking our anonymous survey:

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