Message from the President

Eric Toenjes

Posted on August 30, 2021

FirstI would like to congratulate Prince Niyyar of Commdex who will be our new board Vice President.  The first time we had an integrator take that role.  Congratulations to Richard Roberts of Honeywell who will take over as Secretary from Prince.  Finally, with the newly expanded at-large role, we welcome two new board members – David Adams of PCTEL and Scott Umemoto of Day Wireless.  They will join our Treasurer Ron Schachter of RF Solutions, our new President Dennis Burns of ADRF and myself (Immediate Past President).  I can’t wait to see what this new board can accomplish. 

A huge thank you to all the candidates who ran for office.  We had more choices than ever in this election and that led to a record level of voting which is a great sign of things to come.  We want to invite and encourage those candidates to take their desire to contribute to a leadership position in our various work groups which always benefit from those contributions.  We expect to see all of you on future ballots. 

I want to thank Kevin Persing of Fiplex for his many years of service on the board as an at-large member.  Kevin has provided extensive industry knowledge, forward thinking and a steadying influence as the Coalition has gone through growing pains and significant growth.  Finally, I want to thank Patrick Lau of Comba.  Over the last 3 years he has served as Vice President, President and Immediate Past President of the Board.  He has been a mentor, advisor and partner to me as I have moved through those first two roles.  He is frequently a voice of reason and calm as we have traversed amazing growth and unprecedented challenges.  He is a big part of the reason the Coalition is as healthy as it is. 

Good luck to Dennis Burns of ADRF as he takes over the role of board President.  I look forward to continuing to work with you, helping you with the transition and I know you will lead us to continued growth and influence. It looks to be a board with a ton of talent and new perspectives to help us advance the cause.  

Thank you to all those who stepped up to lead and I look forward to seeing everyone at our Annual Member’s Meeting in Las Vegas! 

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