Get to Know Your Safer Buildings Coalition Workgroups — Public Safety Technology

Matt Brown

Posted on June 17, 2020

Workgroup: Public Safety Technology
Chair: Matt Brown, Partner - Sales, Marketing and Consulting, HetNet

Safer Buildings Coalition: Please describe your work group and its objectives.
Matt Brown: The Public Safety Technology Workgroup was formed to engage other stakeholders in the in-building network - mainly the license holders. With this engagement we are hoping to give them a voice within both SBC and also within the community to help guide all of the various inputs to a better understanding of the requirements and needs of this important group.

Safer Buildings Coalition: Why is the work your group does so important? 
Matt Brown: Everything rests with the license holders - the FCC takes precedence over the NFPA, and building codes and the issues experienced by the licensees need to be addressed. This will help the whole ecosystem function and work well together. 

Safer Buildings Coalition: Why have you decided to invest time in this SBC group? 
Matt Brown: I've been involved in public safety for approximately 28 years in one form or another and felt I had a good understanding of the issues presented for our community, as well as a way to present these issues to a new class in the community that may feel lost with the jargon and engineering concerns. 

Safer Buildings Coalition: What are the main challenges for your group? 
Matt Brown: It is a turbulent time for everyone, but especially the people who operate and maintain our communications systems. With the turbulence, it has been hard for the group’s members to find dedicated time for this group. Understandably so. 

Safer Buildings Coalition: What are the main challenges for your group? 
Matt Brown: Defining how we can influence and teach the community best practices to install in building systems. 

Safer Buildings Coalition: How can SBC members help your group continue to move forward? 
Matt Brown: The main thing SBC members can do is to help spread the word about this group. That is: Outreach to the various radio shops and licensee holders to tell them that we have a group for them, and they should join, participate and make their voice be heard.