Get to Know Your Safer Buildings Coalition Workgroups — Advancement

Mark Reynolds

Posted on June 17, 2020

Workgroup: Advancement 
Chair: Mark Reynolds (Associate Director IT), University of New Mexico

Safer Buildings Coalition: Please describe your work group and its objectives.
Mark Reynolds: The main goal of the Safer Buildings Coalition’s Advancement workgroup is to assure the SBC goals and vision meet the current and new membership along with many verticals in the life safety organizations.

Safer Buildings Coalition: Why is the work your group does so important?
Mark Reynolds: Membership is very important to the Safer Buildings Coalition. The Advancement workgroup is focused on retention, as well as identifying opportunities that will lead to new organizations joining the SBC. By surveying members – and through other means of communication – the Advancement group works to understand the needs and objectives of SBC members to ensure the Coalition serves its members in the best and most effective way possible.

Safer Buildings Coalition: Why have you decided to invest time in this SBC group?
Mark Reynolds: I was introduced to [SBC Managing Director] John Foley on a TIA smart buildings project, and our section was life safety. I learned about SBC and how interfacing with the fire marshal and the many verticals in the life safety organizations would bring value to Higher Education. John asked me to be part of the SBC Advancement workgroup. I accepted the offer, and took the position of Workgroup Chair when it opened up.

Safer Buildings Coalition: What are the main challenges for your group?
Mark Reynolds: As is the case with any organization, retaining, gaining and mentoring new members is our charge but also our challenge. With such a diverse group of organizations among our members, our main goal is showing the value of SBC membership to members, old and new.

Safer Buildings Coalition: What would you say is the most important accomplishment by your group?
Mark Reynolds: Sending and receiving feedback from the membership, which is key for our committee to understand the membership needs and expectations. From that, we have now developed a matrix that we will work on with the different vertical markets within SBC, as well as external agencies that could benefit along with SBC benefiting from those connections with other agencies.

Safer Buildings Coalition: How can SBC members help your group continue to move forward?
Mark Reynolds: Feedback and direction are key to an organization’s success. The SBC advancement wrokgroup welcomes and encourages all members to give us ideas, suggestions, and directions for the organization so we can work together to continue to have a strong organization and encourage non-members to join.