Don’t Forget to Take Advantage of the Safer Buildings Coalition Referral Program

SBC Referral Program

Posted on June 17, 2020

Safer Buildings Coalition membership keeps growing; both in terms of numbers and diversity. And that is what makes us stronger as an organization. 

We want to continue this growth, and we are delighted to announce that our Referral Program remains in place as a way for you, our members, to help spread the word about SBC and receive a discount on your membership fee. 

This program allows members to earn membership discounts when they refer a new member to the Coalition. Here are the details for the program:

When an existing member successfully refers a paid-tier organization for membership, the referring member is entitled to a discount on their organization’s NEXT membership renewal.

Discount is as follows:

Wireless Carrier [not eligible]
Corporate $12k = $2400
Large System Integrator $8k = $1600
Medium $6k = $1200
Small Business = $500
Individual and Non-Paid Tiers (Architect, Professional Engineers, Knowledge Partner, Enterprise, Public Safety) = Not Eligible

Please visit the Referral Program web page for more information: