A message from the Safer Buildings Coalition President: This Crisis Has Taught Us Valuable Lessons

Patrick Lau

Posted on June 17, 2020

Dear Members,

The COVID-pandemic has hit us hard and affected our lives in profound ways. Now that things are reopening across much of the country, we are facing a new normal in the workspace. While some of us may go back to working in our offices, others will continue to work remotely. Some businesses may consider staggered schedules with workers splitting their time between home and work. 

But this crisis has taught us valuable lessons. The near-worldwide lockdown has forced us to learn to maximize our remote-working tools - video conferencing instead of in-person meetings; webinars instead of in-person seminars and training; or creative new ways of networking and marketing now that the trade shows we used to attend are canceled or have gone virtual. In short: We are finding ways to keep our work efficient and productive. 

This new normal certainly underscores the importance of reliable communication inside buildings. Indeed, reliable communication is even more important in a world where social distancing efforts require us to work and communicate from different locations. Things may never entirely go back to the way they used to be, but I have no doubt that we -- as an industry, and a nation as a whole -- will continue to innovate and persevere to turn the challenges into opportunity. 

Speaking of virtual learning: We are rolling out our 2020 webinar program. We will have a series of virtual events over the summer and through the fall and winter, covering a wide range of topics and questions that you, our members, have asked us to focus on.

The Safer Buildings Coalition - through our thought leadership and the crucial work of our workgroups - continues to work hard to understand, process and represent the needs of our members. The surveys you've received through the spring, the efforts of our workgroups, and the many members who sit on these very work groups; the upcoming webinars and, once they resume, our seminars; the NICET certification program, which will roll out later this year; the countless hours Chief Perdue and the rest of the SBC leadership put into influencing and communicating the issues that matter most to you. These are all key parts of the SBC value proposition. And I can assure you that we will continue to listen to your needs and work to assist and represent you.

Finally, as you can read elsewhere in this newsletter: SBC is now an affiliate member of the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC). This is a very big deal. This new partnership broadens our coalition with key stakeholders in the public safety segment of the industry. I look forward to collaborating on improving public safety communications and interoperability with NPSTC. The SBC-NPSTC relationship really highlights our relevance in the public safety space.

With that: Remember that although the COVID-crisis is far from over, things will continue to get better. We need to remain hopeful. As a coalition, we will continue to Unite to Thrive in the new normal. We will get through this. 

Stay safe and stay vigilant.

Patrick Lau
Safer Buildings Coalition