2024 SBC Seminar Season Is Underway — Tickets & Sponsorship Slots Available

Alan Presenting

Posted on June 24, 2024

We are well into the 2024 Safer Buildings Coalition Feel Safe Inside Seminar Series. Sponsorship slots are still available for several events, and tickets are currently on sale for Fremont, CA, Tampa, FL & Toledo, OH.

See below for information about upcoming seminars and available sponsorship slots.

Seminar Tickets



Be sure to check out Event Calendar for dates & info about future seminars.

2024 SBC Seminar Destinations



We hope you'll join us!


Sponsorship Slots Available

While we have filled most speaking and table-top sponsorship slots for '24, we still have openings multiple events, including some high-profile markets.

Here's how you can still get in!

  1. Open Slots are indicated on the Live 2024 Seminar List
  2. Requests are handled on a First-Come, First Served Basis
  3. Some slots are reserved until 60 days prior to event

Under a newly created policy, some slots will remain open in select cities until 60 days prior to these dates to make sure opportunities will exist for new members who join in 2024. Existing members will then have a second option to pick these slots.

ADVANCE reservations for these slots cannot be accepted. New members in 2024 will have first option on these dates.  

You can indicate your interest in these slots beginning at 9am ET on the dates they become available using this contact form:

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