Hot Government Policy Items – What Your Company Needs to Track

Government Affairs

Posted on July 15, 2020
It is up to company leaders to track and influence strategic changes to the business environment

The Safer Buildings Coalition has been hard at work behind the scenes – examining and weighing in on key policy matters.


Quick Policy Links

Key Legislative Policy Initiatives:

Spotlight on Gov’t Affairs:

School Safety:

Location Accuracy:

T Band:

To expand our reach, we have partnered with the following organizations:

  • IAFC – International Association of Fire Chiefs
  • NPSTC - National Public Safety Telecommunications Council
  • CTIA - Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association
  • AFAA – Automatic Fire Alarm Association
  • CCFS – Center for Campus Fire Safety
  • NYSWA – New York State Wireless Association
  • IWCE / Urgent Communications
  • Dense Networks

Partnering with these organizations helps us understand and interpret regulatory and legislative activities and help us to formulate and communicate our narratives.

For example, we recently filed this Statement for the Record on Location Accuracy in the FCC’s upcoming Rule and Order:

See the Safer Buildings Coalition Filing – CLICK HERE

Why This Matters to Your Company
Focusing on near-term revenue and project objectives is understandable, particularly for front line sales and operations staff who have sales quotas and project deadlines to consider.

It is essential for company leadership to have clear line of sight to what is coming down the pike that represents Opportunities and Threats to your business. An old saying: You can either get on the bus or be run over by it. Or even better, have a voice and take part in driving the bus.

Jon-PasqualonGet to Know Your Government Affairs Workgroup

Workgroup: Government Affairs 
Chair: Jon Pasqualone, Executive Director, 
Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association (FFMIA).

As a strategic leader, no one else in your organization is more suited to looking 3-5 years down the road. Nearly everyone else will be focused on the more tactical things you need them to crush.

Let Safer Buildings Coalition help carry the strategic load with you, provide insights, and give you a chance to have a voice. It is part of the value of membership, and it is worth a lot.

More about the SBC Government Affairs Work Group: