A message from the Safer Buildings Coalition President: Stay positive. Manage the present, but plan for the future.

Patrick Lau

Posted on April 22, 2020

Dear Safer Buildings Coalition Members - 

First of all, I hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

The corona crisis has turned our world upside down, but this WILL end, and I would like to take this opportunity to share some thoughts on how we can work our way through this crisis and plan for the future. We are all in this together, and through resilience, adaptability and a positive attitude, we will continue to Unite to Thrive.

Adapting to a new reality. Wireless connectivity is essential to our daily lives, especially in the age of COVID-19. We are quickly adapting our professional and personal lives to the new normal – remote working, business meetings and collaboration, mobile education through wireless connectivity. Adjusting our lives -- on both a personal and professional level -- to this new social-distancing reality not only will help us get through the current crisis, it also makes us much better prepared to face another crisis of these proportions. At some point, hopefully in a not-too-distant future, we will be able to go back to work in our offices, attend social events, and do all the things we used to do, but if we are forced back into a reality like this, we will know how to make it work. We are doing it now, and we will do it again, if necessary. Wireless connectivity is key to this. It allows us to work through this crisis, and it keeps us prepared for the next one. 

Facing our fears. Most aspects of the economy are affected by COVID-19. As an industry as a whole, we all start experiencing some slow down. No one knows exactly when the downward trend will end. That leaves a lot of uncertainty and fear. This is understandable, so how do we handle these emotions? There are two ways to deal with fear: We can forget everything and run away. Or we can face the challenge. And rise.

A realistic, but positive attitude is key. Try to look at it this way: “Yeah, things are tough right now – and they’re going to get worse – but it won’t last forever.” Focus on managing the present, but planning for the future.

We are essential. It is important to keep in mind that our industry is essential to the economy. Our industry supports those on the front lines of this battle: Medical professionals and first responders are saving lives every day, and reliable communications is essential to their work. We should be proud to be part of an industry that builds the networks that help the most essential of workers to do their jobs every day.

Plan for life beyond the crisis. We should use this moment to evaluate our business and form a strategy to weather the storm, so we come out bigger, stronger and more prosperous on the other side. We have never seen challenges like this before, and we know wireless connectivity and reliable communications have never been more important to our daily lives. Be prepared to hit the ground running once this is behind us.

I want to leave you with a quote from General Sun Tsu, ancient Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Stay healthy, stay safe.

Patrick Lau
Safer Buildings Coalition