SBC In Attendance at the ICC Fire Code Action Committee


Posted on October 21, 2019
Chief Perdue in Chicago to represent the interests of the Coalition’s members

On October 1-2, the Safer Buildings Coalition’s Executive Director, Chief Alan Perdue, attended the International Code Councils Fire Code Action Committee (FCAC) meeting in Chicago. The committee met to discuss certain code proposals in the current code cycle that are being evaluated by the Existing Buildings Code Action Committee. Additionally, the committee began high-level discussions on potential code changes related to the 2024 edition of the International Fire Code.

One of the proposals being considered by the Building Code Action Committee is #EB 95. EB 95 would have had an impact on when in-building communications systems would be required when alterations within a building are being conducted.  After debate among those in attendance, the FCAC recommendation is to keep the Chapter 1 reference to IFC Chapter 11. The FCAC made this recommended to the BCAC.

It’s important to understand that any proposal relating to existing buildings that makes it into the final code edition must be adopted by the local or state jurisdiction. SBC will continue to monitor code activities of both the ICC and NFPA on our members’ behalf.

BCAC recommended approval in their original meeting, but after meeting with FCAC and comments from several in attendance, the BCAC voted to recommend disapproval in their joint meeting with FCAC.