Meet DragonSkin™: The Ultimate Fireproof Communications Cable


Posted on March 24, 2020

DragonSkin is a world-first in public safety and mission-critical communications. This coaxial cable is the only in-building communications cable to survive 2 hours under fire conditions with no additional protection measures. Complete fire protection is built into the revolutionary DragonSkin design. No extensive wrapping, metal conduit, or fireproof enclosure is required.

DragonSkin cable continues to support cellular and public safety radio communications after it’s been exposed to temperatures up to 1000 °C (1832 °F) for two hours then suddenly cooled down with water from a fire hose.

When DragonSkin is installed in buildings, emergency responders and building occupants can continue to communicate during building fires — even when people are located on floors that are above the fire. Maintaining these critical communications is key to saving lives, especially in high-rise buildings.

Meet DragonSkin™: The Ultimate Fireproof Communications Cable

DragonSkin is thin, flexible and easy to install
DragonSkin provides the lowest total cost of ownership of any solution on the market. It’s far faster, easier and more cost-effective to install. At only half an inch in diameter, DragonSkin is thin and lightweight. It’s also flexible, maintaining its six-inch bend radius. These advantages mean DragonSkin can be installed and connected like any standard RF communications cable, saving considerable time, effort and money compared to alternatives.

Every other in-building communications cable is either shielded in protective metal conduit, extensively wrapped in fire-resistant materials or requires a fireproof enclosure. These additional measures increase cable size, weight, and cost. They also reduce the cable’s bend radius, making installation more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive — especially in cases where existing buildings are being retrofitted to meet standards.

Another public safety innovation from the leader in indoor communications cables
The striking, red DragonSkin is the latest fireproof cabling innovation from RFS, a world leader in indoor communications cables. The ground-breaking new cable continues the company’s legacy of developing innovative firsts that resolve critical industry challenges. 

DragonSkin also reflects the company’s deep commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation to improve public safety in buildings and ensure people have reliable access to communications when they need it most. RFS listened carefully to what the industry needed to maintain communications in burning buildings and continued innovating until it developed a solution that resolves every challenge. 

DragonSkin complements RFS’ line of indoor, plenum-rated ICA cables. RFS indoor cables are recognized around the world for their ability to meet key fire safety standards, including CATVP, CMP, CPR and Canadian CSA C.22.2/ FT6 requirements. They’re also ETL-listed to UL 444. 

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