The Safe Inside Podcast – EP 2 | ERCES Integrators: Learning to Walk on Shaky Ground

If someone tells you it’s easy to make money as an ERCES integrator, you should seek a second opinion.  In this podcast, we’re enlightened by Merisa Gamler, a veteran ERCES integrator.  Listen in as we run, walk and sometime tip toe through the highs and lows of deploying in-building public safety communications.  You will undoubtedly recognize all the usual suspects, but we proudly cross the plate with forecasts on the promising future of our industry and why we’ve made it our home.

Episode Credits:
Co-hosts: Creighton Watley & Mathew Theisz
with Featured Guest Experts: Merisa Gamler & Christopher Creamer
Executive Producer: Charlie Fleetham

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 The Safe Inside Podcast

The Safe Inside Podcast Show ArtworkShow Description: 
In-building wireless dead zones – areas where cell phones can’t call 9-1-1, and where first responder radios don’t work, have long been identified as a clear and present life-safety threat. Surprisingly, they are found in most structures including shopping malls, stadiums, and tragically, our schools. Since 2012, the Safer Buildings Coalition has been the leading voice in tackling this threat by building a “Coalition of the Willing” with a singularly focused mission: The elimination of in-building wireless dead zones. The SBC Safe Inside Podcast series dives more deeply into the discussion, examining the challenges, roadblocks, frustrations, successes, best practices, and the complicated road forward. We talk about Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES), Distributed Antenna Systems, and more! The series will feature two top experts representing the jurisdiction side of the discussion as our regular co-hosts -- Creighton Watley, a seasoned DAS coordinator for a metro county government and Mathew Theisz, a veteran radio operator for the District of Columbia -- along with special guest hosts and other industry experts, as they discuss the ups and downs of trying to do a good job in the muddle of it all. Tune in each month to join us for one of a kind ERCES conversations that connect with your ERCES truth.

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