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UpCodes z-all

UpCodes helps the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry deliver code compliant buildings. We provide tools to manage building codes, avoid project delays, and clarify requirements.

City of Coral Gables, FL FL

General Guidelines for the Deployment of In-Building Radio Coverage Solutions

Florida Statutes FL Florida Statutes —a permanent collection of state laws organized by subject area into a code made up of titles, chapters, parts, and sections. The Florida Statutes are updated annually by laws that create, amend, transfer, or repeal statutory material.
Florida: Laws of Florida FL Laws of Florida—a compilation of all the laws, resolutions, and memorials passed during a legislative session. They are divided into two broad categories-General Laws and Special Laws. Bills vetoed by the Governor are not included.
Miami-Dade County, FL
ITD Radio Division General Guidelines for the Deployment of In-Building Radio Coverage Solutions
FL The following document should be presented to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to confirm that there are no discrepancies with any local ordinance or code. In case of discrepancies, the local ordinance or code will prevail unless the AHJ decides differently. Specifically in Miami-Dade County, the AHJ is the Fire Marshal’s Office. Please contact this agency for details and requirements about DAS deployments.
Sarasota County Fire Department two-way communication enhancement systems FL As per the Florida fire prevention code NFPA 1- 11.10.1 two-way radio communication enhancement systems. In all new and existing buildings, minimum radio signal strength for Fire Department communications shall be maintained at a level determined by the AHJ.
City Of Jacksonville Emergency Responder Radio System (BDA System) Requirements FL The City of Jacksonville in order to optimize fire and rescue operation communications on scenes of fire and other emergencies and to comply with the Florida Fire Prevention Code NFPA 1 Chapter 11.10 as modified by Florida Statute 633.202 (18) will require minimum radio signal strength levels for communications for all new and existing buildings.
City of Fort Lauderdale Compliant Two-Way, In-Building Emergency Communications Systems Requirements FL This specification describes the requirements of a Radio Signal Booster System, also known as a Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA), which will correct for a reduction in the radio signal to a level below that required to assure the 95% area coverage reliability needed for public safety communications caused by a new building development.
Washington DC Requirements DC OUC’s Public Safety In-building Radio Systems Requirements
Campus: The National Center for Campus Public Safety z-all The National Center for Campus Public Safety (NCCPS) exists to support campus officials in creating safer and stronger campus communities. We are a government-funded centralized clearinghouse for the many resources available and initiatives being undertaken nationwide. The relationships we develop with our peers in higher education are invaluable to achieving our mission. We collaborate with campus safety, law enforcement, and emergency management professionals; administrators; students; advocacy organizations; community leaders; professional associations; federal agencies; and others who work tirelessly to support safer campuses.
Information for Veterans - Mesothelioma z-all Veterans fought bravely for our country. Unfortunately, many of them now face a new fight: mesothelioma. Military vehicles, ships, and buildings used asbestos as an insulator. At the time, asbestos was widely believed to be safe due to asbestos companies concealing its dangers. As a result, thousands of service members were exposed to this deadly material.
Philadelphia, PA Code Bulletins PA Code Bulletins of Information are process documents that clarify the application of a section or sections of one or more of the subcodes of the Philadelphia Building Construction and Occupancy Code
Recommendations of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force School Safety Working Group IL 13 initial recommendations designed to help make Illinois schools even safer. In light of the tragic shootings at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, as well as other threats and acts of school violence, the working group has initially focused narrowly on the active shooter threat. The School Safety Working Group is composed of local law enforcement professionals, Illinois State Police, the Office of the State Fire Marshal, representatives of campus emergency management, campus police, the school resource officers association and representatives of statewide school associations. Brief bios of the members of the School Safety Working Group are included at the end of this report. There is no single answer to achieving school safety, and no individual has all of the answers, but the bios illustrate the experience and subject-matter expertise that has gone into this report.
Illinois Life Safety Code IL PDF Document -

SCOPE: Applicability of the Illinois State-Adopted Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) Effective Nov 13, 2019.

Illinois Building Code Directory IL

List of Codes Used​ Throughout the State of Illinois by City or County

Updates to Illinois Life Safety Code IL SCOPE:The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has recently updated its administrative rules, which, in part, updates the adopted life safety code from the NFPA 101, Life Safety Code (2000 Edition) to the NFPA 101, Life Safety Code (2015 Edition). These changes become effective on January 1, 2020. The text of the new rules, fact sheets, links to training opportunities, and other information are available.
Radio Reference z-all is the world's largest radio communications data provider, featuring a complete frequency database, trunked radio system information, and FCC license data. RadioReference is also the largest broadcaster of public safety live audio communications feeds, hosting thousands of live audio broadcasts of Police, Fire, EMS, Railroad, and aircraft communications.
Clark County, NV Fire Code


On January 5, 2016 the Board of Clark County Commissioners approved an Ordinance which adopted the 2012 International Fire Code with local amendments for Clark County and adopting a new fee schedule. The new code is effective as of May 2, 2016. Click the link for more info.

Clark County, NV ERRCS Requirements NV PDF Document -

SCOPE: Clark County Department of Building & Fire Prevention requirements for the submittal and design of an emergency responder radio coverage system.

Orange County, CA Fire Authority CA The Planning and Development Services section of the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) interacts with developers, architects, and engineers to meet fire protection and life-safety requirements for buildings and developments constructed in the jurisdictions served by OCFA by evaluating these projects through the plan review and inspection process.
Long Beach Fire Department Bureau of Fire Prevention 2016 CALIFORNIA FIRE CODE, SECTION 510 CA This policy shall apply to all buildings in the City of Long Beach, excepted as those noted below. The California Fire Code (CFC), Section 510 requires that all buildings be provided with radio enhancement systems designed to provide radio coverage in all areas of buildings where signal strength does not meet the minimum criteria due to building construction and/or location. The intent of this guideline is to provide the Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD) interpretation of the minimum standards necessary to meet the requirements for emergency responder radio coverage (ERRC) in accordance with state code.
Harris County, TX Fire Marshal TX As authorized by State Law* and under the direction of the Fire Marshal, the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for fire prevention, education, control and investigation in the unincorporated areas of Harris County. The Department also assists local municipalities when requested by their government representatives.
* Local Government Code, Chapters 233, 352 & 353
McKinney, TX BDA Requirements


Sep 5, 2018


UL - Codes and Regulatory Support



UL’s Codes and Regulatory Services Department staff provides installation code support unmatched among other certification organizations. Many of our Codes and Regulatory Services staff members are former code authorities, so we are familiar with installation code requirements. We also understand concerns that code authorities have with the applications for which products are certified.

Codes and Regulatory Services staff interacts with code authorities at local, regional and national levels, and often participate in their association meetings and conferences. We are also active in North American code development, and are very familiar with current code development issues. Look for us at these events and make a point to stop by and say hello.


If you are a code authority and have questions our Codes and Regulatory Services staff is available to respond to your questions about UL certifications and services. Whether the issue relates to products regulated by electrical, fire, building or other codes, sustainability, and/or product safety, contact us and we will get you an answer.
Contact information.

UL Fire Code Tools z-all UL conducts world class, cutting edge fire research and provides a wide range of certification programs and services to help fire authorities protect emergency responders and members of their communities.
UL PRODUCT SPEC SEARCH TOOL z-all Quickly find, specify, or verify UL Certified products for your projects.
Broward County Approves Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement Systems Guidelines FL The BDA Committee under the Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals has approved and posted its Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement Systems Guidelines.
Broward County, FL: Fire Inspectors Association of Broward County, FL FL The Fire Inspectors Association of Broward County is a professional organization dedicated to providing a safe community through fire inspections, prevention, and public education.
Broward County, FL Building Official Contacts
  • Building Official Contacts
  • City & County Building Official List
  • Permit Requirements by Jurisdiction
  • Alliance Platinum Permitting Concierges
Broward County, FL Code Appeals Web Page


Broward County FL Code Appeals

The Board of Rules & Appeals first met on January 10, 1971. On March 9, 1976, the voters of Broward County recognized the need for a single autonomous agency to write, modify, and interpret a uniform body of building codes applicable throughout the County. The County Charter was amended, as proposed by the Charter Review Commission, to establish the Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals as an arm of county government.

Anne Arundel County, MD In-Building Public Safety Radio Coverage Requirements


Anne Arundel County, Maryland has adopted NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code,2013 Edition (NFPA72-2013) as its Fire Alarm Code and the International Building Code, 2015 Version (IBC 2015) as its Building Code. NFPA72-2013 Chapter 24 includes requirements for “Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement Systems” and the IBC 2015 section 915 provides Emergency Responder Radio Coverage requirements.

Tempe, AZ In-Building Public Safety Radio Coverage Requirements AZ Public Safety Radio Coverage Requirements for Developers
NTIA Report:

In-Building Radio Enhancement
Systems for Public Safety

z-all 2011: NTIA Technical Report TR-11-480

Keywords: Bi-directional amplifiers; building attenuation; distributed antenna system; inbuilding radio enhancement system; land mobile radio; link budget; public safety radio; radio-wave propagation

Denver, CO - ERRCS Fire Code Amendments


Feb 1 2018 - This Policy 510-1 provides additional code for the 2016 Denver Amendments to the 2015 International Fire Code and Denver Fire Department requirements where emergency responder public safety communication systems are installed. Application is subject to the discretion of the Fire Code Official.

Seattle, WA


Emergency Responder/ Public Safety Radio Enhancement Systems
Updated July 2017

Amherst, MA


Public Safety ERRCS Requirements
Updated August 2019

Virginia - 2012 requirements document VA A.This Section includes technical and performance requirements for an In-building Wireless System (IWS) based upon active amplification and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) architecture to support neutral Wireless Service Providers (WSP) and Public Safety Radio Enhancement / Emergency Responder (“Public Safety1, “First Responder”) Radio Coverage.
Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department VA

Guidelines and Specifications For In-Building Emergency Communications Systems. Applicable Codes and Standards: VSFPC - Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code (2015), VCC – Virginia Construction Code (2015), NFPA 72 – National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code (2013).

Virginia Building Code Officials Directory VA

Full list of all Building Code Officials in the state of Virginia.

Bellevue, WA


Permit Application and PERMIT CONDITIONS - Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

Bellevue, WA WA

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System Requirements

Selecting an in-building vendor z-all How does one choose the right installer for an In-Building Public Safety Radio Project? Article from Connected Real Estate 2/15/2018
Lacey, WA WA ERRCS - Permit Application and Instructions
San Jose, CA CA

Effective Date: January 2014

Scottsdale, AZ AZ CITY OF SCOTTSDALE AMENDMENTS TO THE NATIONAL ELECTRIC CODE, 2011 EDITION ORDINANCE 4064 - Including Public Safety Radio Amplification Systems
Eugene-Springfield, OR OR

Technical Advisory
Date: June 14, 2017
Advisory: No.17-01
Subject: Emergency Responder Radio Coverage.

Elk Grove City, CA CA ORDINANCE NO. 28-2010 - Including 17.04.110 Public Safety 800Mhz Radio Building Amplification System.

For Coconut Creek High School

San Mateo, CA CA


Shoreline, WA WA


  1. 5 stories above grade
  2. >= 50,000 sq ft.
  3. Total basement area >= 10,000 sq ft.
  4. Occupied floors >30 feet below lowest level of discharge
White Paper:

Improving In-building Radio Communications
for First Responders


White Paper: Improving In-building Radio Communications
for First Responders - July 2018

Table of Contents

  • Preface.
  • Executive Summary 3
  • Discussion
  • Policy for the Use of 700 Mhz Spectrum for Public Safety Applications
  • Challenges With Emergency Radio Signal Coverage Inside New or Large Dense Buildings
  • Achieving Acceptable Radio Coverage Inside Buildings
  • Additional Comments Regarding BBD vs Vehicle Repeaters
  • Existing Bylaws: Case Study, History and Purpose
  • Work Flow for Municipalities to Facilitate BDA Installation
  • General Physical Requirements for a BDA System
  • Installation, Testing and Final Permitting
  • Conclusion
  • Author Biographical Information
  • Appendix A – Sample Bylaw
  • Appendix B – Description Of BDA/DAS Components
San Mateo, CA Frequency Bands CA


Orange County, CA CA Information for Digital Antenna System (DAS)/

Amplification (BDA) Systems

Sunnyvale, CA CA 16.52.510. Emergency responder radio coverage.
Hillsboro, OR OR Emergency Responder Radio Coverage
State of Ohio Fire Codes OH 2017 Ohio Fire Code and 2019 Ohio Fire Code Update Publications, Links to Codes and ERRCS Document
State of Ohio State Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Requirements - TB 18-003 OH Ohio State Fire Marshal - Technical Bulletin #18-003 - March 2018 / 2017 OFC - Emergency Responder Radio Coverage
Alpharetta, GA GA June 1, 2017 - 2012 International Fire Code (IFC) Section 510 Requirements for New Construction - ERRCS
Atlanta, GA GA 2012 International Fire Code (IFC) Section 510 Requirements for New Construction
San Francisco, CA CA 2018 - ERRCS - 2.01 Fire Alarm Submittals (2016) - San Francisco Fire Department
Ann Arbor, MI - University of Michigan - ERRCS Design Guidelines MI University of Michigan - DESIGN GUIDELINE 273523

Provide two-way Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) in new buildings and in high rise major renovations to enable communication between emergency responders at the exterior perimeter of the building and emergency responders within the building. All areas of the building shall have code compliant radio coverage. New buildings which will achieve radio coverage without amplification are exempt.

Michigan - Emergency Responder Radio Coverage MI Emergency responder radio coverage shall be provided in all new buildings in accordance with Section 510 of the International Fire Code.
Huntington Beach, CA CA Guidelines for Installation of Public Safety/Emergency Responder Radio System
Los Angeles Fire Code CA 2014 & 2017 LA City Fire Code (Mirrors IFC), see chapter 5 for ERRCS Requirements
Tualatin Valley, OR Fire & Rescue OR EMERGENCY RESPONDER RADIO COVERAGE: The Oregon Fire Code (OFC) requires that certain newly

constructed buildings have approved levels of emergency radio signal strength per OFC 510.2 (relative to existing
levels of public radio coverage available at the exterior). Where the design of the building reduces the level of
coverage inside of the building below minimum performance levels, a distributed antenna system, signal booster, or
other method approved by TVF&R and Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency shall be provided.
See Appendix F for further information and detail. (OFC 510)

Oregon Fire Code - Ch 5 OR 510.1.1 Scope. Emergency responder radio coverage must be provided in the following buildings and

1. Any building with one or more basement or below grade building levels.
2. Any underground building.
3. Any building more than five stories in height.
4. Any building 50,000 square feet (4645 m2
) in size or larger.
5. Any building that, through performance testing, does not meet the requirement of Section 510.

Florida Fire Prevention Code - NFPA 1 FL See Chapter 11.10* Two-Way Radio Communication Enhancement Systems
Poudre Fire Authority - Fort Collins, CO CO Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC)
Stanford University ERRCS CA

This document describes the requirements and specifications for the installation of
Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Distributed Antenna Systems.

Contra Costa County CA Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System Notification Form
South King Fire and Rescue WA 2018 - Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems
San Diego, CA CA March 2017 - Design and Testing Requirements for Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

The purpose of this Technical Bulletin is to provide the guidelines and requirements to the building permit applicant for compliance with the requirements in Section 510 of the 2013 California Fire Code (CFC), Section 510 and Section 915 of the California Building Code (CBC) for emergency responder radio coverage.

FirstNet z-All FirstNet is the nationwide public safety broadband network, services and solutions that are dedicated to First Responders and those that support them. It is more than a network, including advanced services, applications and purpose-built devices.
Irvine, CA CA

Public Safety Radio System Coverage
Buildings within the City of Irvine are subject to Public Safety Radio System Coverage requirements of Chapter 6 of Division 9 of Title 5 of the Irvine Municipal Code, this document may accessed online (link is external). The purpose of these requirements is to ensure effective 800 mHz radio coverage for emergency responders within the City of Irvine’s built environment. New construction is generally subject to these requirements. Structures three stories or less without subterranean areas, and residential structures up to four stories, of wood frame construction and without subterranean areas, however, are exempt.

Redmond, WA WA Feb 2018 - RFDS 18.00; Emergency Responder Radio Coverage


Montgomery County, MD MD

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage
In-Building Radio Signal Amplification System Standard

Houston, TX TX

HOUSTON FIRE DEPARTMENT Standards And Codes Reference Page

FirstNet Georgia GA The Georgia Emergency Management Agency / Homeland Security in concert with state and local Public Safety partners, has been tasked to help coordinate the initial Federal outreach efforts of FirstNet.
LA-RICS - The Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA-RICS) CA The Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA-RICS) will vastly improve radio and broadband communication for police, firefighters, paramedics and other emergency responders in Los Angeles County.
California FIre Code CA See Chapter 5 - Similar to IFC

U.S. Fire Administration
Voice Radio
Communications Guide
for the Fire Service


The fire service operates in unique and
challenging environments. The fire service
recognizes the significance and importance of
radio communications. The radio is the lifeline
for firefighters in trouble. Use of the mayday term
signifies the importance of the radio by using an
internationally recognized term when in distress

Houston, TX TX

Houston Amendments to
the 2012 International
Fire Code - See section 510 as in IFC

Tampa, FL FL

City of Tampa
Compliant Public Safety In-Building Two-Way
Radio Communications
Enhancement System Requirements
April 2, 2018

Brevard County, FL FL

Public Safety Radio - Signal Boosters

As per FCC report and order released on February 20, 2013: “non-licensees who seek to operate signal boosters must obtain the consent of the licensee[s] whose signals they intend to amplify”.

For those property owners who needs to determine if a Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is needed, please contact us at: [email protected]

Alpharetta, GA - CHECKLIST and requirements GA

The Fire Marshal’s Office (FMO) will not allow the issuance of temporary or permanent Certificates of Occupancy
for any building permitted after June 1, 2017, due to the requirements of IFC 510, Emergency Responder Radio
Coverage (ERRC), not being met. Any emergency responder radio coverage required by IFC 510 must be
installed, tested, and operational prior to the issuance of a Fire Safety Codes release or Certificate of Occupancy.
Building owners and designers must take the necessary steps for the testing, design, and installation of any
required emergency responder radio system prior to the issuance of a temporary or permanent Certificate of

Grand Junction, CO CO

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System Coverage System
Issue Date: October 21, 2014

Broward County, FL FL

Local Amendment on Two-Way Communications

Clark County, NV NV

Letter to Building Owners requiring ERRCS testing by Jan 1 2019, and in-building coverage by July 2020

Phoenix, AZ AZ

Phoenix AZ ERRCS Requirements and Fire Code Reference Page

Broward County, FL - PE Stamp, UL Listing FL

SUBJECT: Two-Way Radio Communication Enhanced Public Safety Signal Booster Systems. Re-Adopted : January1, 2018
At its regular meeting of October 12, 2017, the Board of Rules and Appeals approved an interpretation of Chapter 1, Section 118, titled Two-Way Radio Communication Enhanced Public Safety Signal Booster Systems, as follows: Plans shall be signed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer. The engineer of record shall be responsible for the system. The engineer of record shall specify the brand and the model number of the bi-directional amplifier (BDA), the antenna and
the component parts. It is recognized that presently there is no listing approval for BDA systems by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. This Formal Interpretation shall remain in effect until six (6) months after the UL sets this listing approval
Adopted Date: October 12, 2017
Effective Date: October 13, 2017
Re-Adopted : January1, 2018

ARCS Requirements - NYC NY

B-03 Testing of In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems
About - The B-03 Certificate of Fitness is required to test the Fire Department Auxiliary Radio Communication (ARC) System. This Certificate of Fitness is valid only for the specific person to who it is issued and can be used anywhere within New York City.


  • B-03 Study Materials (PDF)

Qualified applicants should review the B-03 Alternative Issuance Procedure Information and must submit all required qualification documents in Section 2 of B-03 AIP Information via mail.

Additional Information
Persons engaged in the testing of the Fire Department Auxiliary Radio Communication (ARC) Systems must work for an (ARC) Systems Approved Company.

  • NYC Fire Code (PDF)
  • NYC Fire Rules (PDF)

Additional Resources

  • ARC System Visual and Functional Testing Procedures (PDF)
  • ARC System Testing Form (PDF)
  • Application for Auxiliary Radio Communication System Company Certificate (PDF)
  • B-03 Application Form (PDF)
  • Employee Affirmation Form (PDF)
Miami City Contact Directory FL

Link Created Jan 2019 - Miami City Directory