End of the Year Message from the President

Chief Alan Perdue

Posted on December 22, 2022
By Prince Niyyar | President, SBC Board of Directors

Dear Safer Buildings Coalition Members,

Holidays are my favorite time of the year as it gives me time to reflect on the year gone by and start thinking of the year ahead. As I reflect on 2022, one of the blessings for me personally has been to be involved with a group of incredibly dedicated members and colleagues of the Safer Buildings Coalition, who care about our mission of eliminating wireless "Dead Zones." And with the work that this passionate community has done over the last year, we have together considerably advanced the mission of the organization this year. Some of the notable accomplishments of 2022 include:

  • Training and Education: Educational seminars were held in 33 cities to educate the first responders, industry, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) on National and Local Code Requirements as well as best practices for In-Building Public Safety Communications (IB-PSC). This is the highest number of seminars we have ever held, and it reinforces SBC’s leadership in the IB-PSC sector.

  • Industry Advancement:  SBC now has more members than ever in the history of the organization because SBC continues to add value to its members. One such initiative is the new professional certification for In-Building Public Safety Communications (IB-PSC) was developed in cooperation with the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) to improve the level of competence for the integration of DAS systems.

  • Advocacy:  SBC provided critical inputs in the proposals for Legislative and Fire Code changes in the States of Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, and Virginia. SBC was especially active in the 2022 Florida State legislative session where in-building public safety code enforcement was at issue.

  • Fire Code Development: A new SBC subcommittee drafted seven proposed interim amendments (TIAs) for the NFPA 1225 sub-work group. These amendments will address key areas of the code to reflect the evolving needs of the community for building safety.

With all this groundwork that was laid this year, 2023 promises to be our best year ever. The main focus area for the organization will be to raise funds so that we can invest in programs that have more impact on the organization. To that end, two strategic initiatives for 2023 will be:

  • Initiative# 1 - Launch IB-PSC Handbook & Study Guide: The much-awaited "In building Public Safety Communications (IB-PSC) Handbook and Study Guide" is getting closer to completion with a scheduled launch in the first quarter of 2023. Our goal is for the handbook to be recognized as a pre-eminent source for IB-PSC ecosystem knowledge and best practices.

  • Initiative # 2 – Grass-roots campaign for raising IB-PSC public awareness: To make an immediate impact in advancing our mission, SBC needs to have the political support and financial resources to educate IB-PSC stakeholders and raise awareness of wireless dead-zone issues in furtherance of the SBC mission.  This will involve the creation of targeted public-education content, professional public relations efforts, and innovative fundraising methods to build the financial wherewithal to execute this ambitious objective. The first such new content: SBC In-Building Public Safety Communications Toolkit is being rolled out today with our December newsletter. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Moreover, to further the mission of the organization, SBC is planning on hosting a national event, "SBC In-Building Technology and Policy Summit", in the Washington DC metro area in May 2023 to bring together the industry and thought leaders. Also, SBC will continue the educational seminars next year. Mark your calendars for a seminar near you. The 2023 seminars list is also now open for sponsorships (see an update for Round 2 of selections here). 

Thank you all for all you did in 2022 to build the foundation for success this year. Let's come together again and use this momentum to make 2023 our most impactful year ever.  

Prince Niyyar
President, SBC Board of Directors
CEO, Commdex

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