Safer Buildings Coalition Member Spotlight: GLD Group, Inc.

Posted on November 22, 2019
This month, we put the spotlight on GLD Group, Inc.

About GLD Group:
GLD Group, Inc is a Design, Engineering and Distribution firm headquartered in Sterling Heights, MI, with branches in Wisconsin, Georgia, and Florida. GLD Group’s services team offers complete infrastructure design, data center designs, A/V design, Wi-Fi designs/optimization and surveying, third party testing, distributed antenna system testing, design and commissioning.  

Why GLD Group Joined Safer Buildings Coalition:
GLD Group joined the Safer Buildings Coalition because we believe in their mission. Working to make sure all buildings have proper communications is a goal we both share. One of our employees is a Reserve Police Officer in Michigan. He often states that if your prep radio is not working to contact Dispatch or your fellow officers, that is a huge problem.  We stand with the SBC in helping to educate and to be a leader in the industry to make sure buildings are safe for First Responders. 

GLD GroupGLD Group
42600 Mound Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48314

Public Safety DAS Testing & Deployment
GLD Group is dedicated to making the communities we serve safer; which is why we focus on Public Safety Distributed Antenna System testing and deployment. With the events happening around the country and world, it is imperative that first responders can communicate freely without interference when responding to emergencies as well as day to day communication. 

GLD works closely with local authorities and AHJs to ensure the Distributed Antenna System in-building is per code but also to the liking of the AHJ responsible for the building. GLD goes above and beyond to make sure these systems are maintained annually to ensure that if an emergency arises, the first responders will have confidence that their prep radios will work without failure when responding to an incident. 

Local Code Enforcement
GLD Group has been actively working in the state of Michigan for three years with local Fire Marshals, AHJs and building inspectors to educate about Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems.  Early in the process of holding multiple educational seminars across the state of Michigan, we discovered that while the NFPA and IFC codes and requirements have been on the books for years, many local jurisdictions are just learning about these codes and just now starting to enforce them.  Recently GLD Group was a keynote speaker at the Michigan Fire Inspector Society Fall Conference, where we presented the ERRCS information to 500 Fire Marshals and Inspectors. GLD Group is now building relationships with those local AHJs, offering assistance educating about the codes and standards, as well as helping them to get involved earlier in the construction process. 

We are also working closely with the general contractors and owners informing them of the ERRCS codes/standards that the AHJs will be enforcing during the final inspection of the building.  This education is starting to take hold here in Michigan and GLD Group is working with many Fire Departments, that are beginning to enforce code across Michigan.  GLD Group consulting with the Novi Fire Marshal just completed the first ERRCS installation in Novi, MI working on a new major construction build project.  The project was a complete success, and the Novi Fire Marshal had a great working relationship with GLD Group as the Design and Testing firm.  GLD Group is currently working on many new projects throughout Michigan, and the future for ERRCS in Michigan is looking to be moving in the right direction.  We at GLD Group believe all buildings must be safe for our courageous Public Safety professionals and we will work tirelessly to make sure all buildings have clear radio coverage in the future.